Typing at a keyboard.

Writing for you. It’s my job.

It’s my job.

A writer’s job is to inform or entertain. I do both. For over 30 years I wrote and managed business copy for a wide variety of industries. From municipal transportation to massage therapists, I worked with clients to craft copy, delivering just the right message to their existing and prospective clients.

Every writer needs a helper!

I retired from all that in 2015 and set about learning how to write a novel. Saving the Ghost was published in 2019. My second novel – Blood on the Bridal Wreath – the first in a cozy mystery series, will be published in April 2020.

Since I am not yet a world-famous author or New York Times bestselling author, I still need to earn a living. That’s why I’m writing for you! Not everyone is skilled at writing commercial copy or fiction or a moving essay. It’s my job to make your business or nonprofit look good in word form: blogs, articles, websites, and promotions as well as internal communications.

Writing for you.

As a business owner, I know that you can’t do everything. You may be skilled enough but there are not enough hours in a day to do it all. Business owners need downtime, too, and that’s where I can step in and help.

By writing for you, a lot of time is freed up to take a break, research new products, services, or clients. You could have an evening free to network with others in your field – networking is one of the best ways to grow your business!

How does it work?

We meet. We discuss your business thoroughly from how you feel about it to what you want it to become. What is your communication style? What’s missing in your message? What don’t people know about your unique service? We meet online or on the phone. We talk. We set goals. I get to work writing for you. You publish the words and we adjust according to feedback as needed.

I want to write it myself, but I need help.

That’s not a problem. As a writing coach, I can help you in affordable, 30 minutes for $30 sessions to get started and keep going with your writing. I will help you craft your words for greater effect to keep your customers interested in what you have to say.

Writing Coach

But I just want to be entertained!

Again, not a problem! I write dramatic, literary fiction – Saving the Ghost, cozy mysteries in an upcoming 4-book series titled Filthy, Dirty, Garden Gloves. Book 1 is Blood on the Bridal Wreath to be published in April 2020, and I’m deep into work on a dark fantasy.

Contact me when you’re ready to bring a new voice and energy to your writing!  You can buy Saving the Ghost today!

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