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Writing may well be a solitary enterprise but learning to write well means learning together. There are hundreds—maybe thousands—of how to write books available to aspiring writers. But there is nothing like critique to hone a writer’s skills. Many writers are shy or lack confidence to share their work. M E Fuller learned her best skills from the critiques of others. She is actively involved with a small writing group that offers invaluable feedback on her works in progress.

M E Fuller wants to help others learn to improve their writing skills in the company of other writers. She does not teach writing, only gives back to participants some of what she learned to get her started on writing projects and keep her going to the end.

These affordable workshops give writers an opportunity to look at the process of writing differently, get unstuck if needed, and provide important feedback whenever participants are open to critique.

Write Nite Tuesdays & Writing Wednesdays

In-person opportunity to work on your writing with an enthusiastic coach! Contact M E Fuller to meet with your group. Online writing rooms are available beginning July 6 & 7.

4-Week Writing Workshop

$65 for 4 consecutive weeks.  Contact M E Fuller to bring this workshop to your community.

This workshop will help you shift focus from:

  • It’s a blank page
  • I can’t think
  • Maybe I should get more coffee
  • The birds are singing
  • My toe hurts
  • I don’t have time
  • (Every other distraction)

to: Oh, that works!

Request an optional onsite 2-day, 6-hour per day workshop.

Feedback Matters with Lyda Morehouse

September 11, 2021. Zoom. Details and to register. Submissions must be received by Sept. 7.

Client Praise

I am so thrilled to have begun a writing class with M E Fuller before Covid Time locked us down. It was just the right rigor and coaching to jump start a return to writing during these extraordinary times. Thanks for the kickstart!
Audrey Arner

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