Saving the Ghost

Saving the Ghost is a story of struggle and survival. Ellen McInnis was severely abused as a child by her father. At 17, she put life with her parents behind her. She kept the abuse to herself, confiding only in her best friend Cici and her loving husband, Ned. Bucking the odds, her relationships with friends and her husband are strong. She is successful in her career. Her father’s death brought the terrors of childhood back to life and they are destroying her. Ellen is desperate to confess the truth to her elderly aunt Mercy, believing that Mercy will understand and love her back to emotional health, just as she did when Ellen was a child. She learns that Mercy is keeping her own secrets, devastating secrets of unimaginable horrors and betrayal that blow Ellen’s world apart one more time. Her faith in love and family is shattered. How will she save herself when everything she believes to be true is found to be a lie?