Let Change Be Your Brand!

april 4 2021 journal entry.

Sometimes change equals false starts. In 2021 I made the decision to update my website and split writing from art. I also decided to concentrate half my work hours to rebuilding a freelance business. Most of my freelance work evaporated in the pandemic year of 2020. I hired a website designer to help me make the updates to the author, copywriting, and writing coach website. I joined a business networking group, and my freelance business began growing immediately. But it was a false start.


By the end of February, I was awarded an emerging artist visual arts grant through the Southwest Minnesota Regional Arts Council. This grant opened the doors of opportunity to explore visual arts ideas through education, supplies, and the development of a new arts-focused website.   

I hired a second website designer, a terrific teacher who is helping me learn how to maintain the site. I realized, however, that now I didn’t have time to work with any new freelance clients. The focus of the writing site had to shift and both sites needed to resemble one another. More change!

keeping up with the changes

I paused on blog posts because of the switch in focus. Now, my blog posts will read more like journals and less like promotional pieces. I’ll still be posting about my mentoring experiences with Lyda Morehouse as I work on the dark fantasy novel. Other journal entries will be about my writing experiences and process.

It's okay to change!

There’s such a big push for everybody to be a brand. As a writer, you can expect to change. You learn new things. Beta readers and editors point out areas in your writing that need to change. And as an individual you change by your experiences. It’s okay to change inwardly and outwardly. Let that be your brand. Grow. Develop. Transform. All of that equals change.

A revived newsletter

In addition to weekly journal entries, I have resurrected my monthly newsletter. The news you will receive will cover my writing, coaching, and visual arts updates. I hope you will subscribe!

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