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3 Things To Give Your Readers in the First Pages.

Place. Time. Character. These are the essential elements your readers need to capture their attention and keep them turning pages. Give them something to hang on to in the first pages.   Will Readers Want to Read Your Story? Genre is everything to most readers. Some will only read historical romance. Some will only read fantasy. Some only read mysteries. […]

Writing First Pages That Work for Readers

You’ve heard the phrase: show the reader, don’t tell them. In the first example, we’re riding along with the character, seeing what she’s seeing, feeling what she’s feeling. By the end of the paragraph, we’re reaching for a gin and tonic!

Creative Insecurities: Am I Good Enough?

Creative insecurities. When the work is finished and other eyes are on it, that’s when creative insecurities set in. Am I good enough? Know who you are as a writer to fight against creative insecurities. Please like my work, but don’t look too closely. You’ve written your memoir but haven’t learned how to write in that genre. You can’t wait […]

Let Change Be Your Brand!

Sometimes change equals false starts. In 2021 I made the decision to update my website and split writing from art. I also decided to concentrate half my work hours to rebuilding a freelance business. Most of my freelance work evaporated in the pandemic year of 2020. I hired a website designer to help me make the updates to the author, […]

How to Get Help With Revisions.

Creative writing allows me to let my mind loose, to find every little thing I might want to say about whatever my subject, get it down on paper, and thrill myself with the depth and magic in my imagination.

Mentored. Episode 1. Choose Wisely: Your Path to Publishing & More.

As I share my process, not only of writing this novel, but working with a mentor, I hope to encourage others who may be shy about sharing their work, to see the benefits of learning from others.

2021. A New Year. A New Way.

Looking in my rearview mirror, I see 2020 as a year of wildly erratic twists and turns.

Author Visual Artist M E Fuller Time of Covid-19

At home in Montevideo, MN, with all author and art events canceled for the year, Fuller is taking it easy and as it comes.

Practice Distraction Distancing

We’re all at home, living in some runaway sci-fi episode that we can’t quite get our minds wrapped around. The word surreal is often used in conversation now, even as we converse with ourselves.

Covid-19. An Artist’s Experience.

Real-world, work-at-home habits are built from goals and timing. Freelance clients ALWAYS come first but my own creative goals are seldom met if they aren’t tied to a calendar and a timer. Why is that?