Creative Insecurities: Am I Good Enough?

creative insecurities blurb.

Creative insecurities.

When the work is finished and other eyes are on it, that’s when creative insecurities set in. Am I good enough? Know who you are as a writer to fight against creative insecurities.

Please like my work, but don’t look too closely.

You’ve written your memoir but haven’t learned how to write in that genre. You can’t wait to publish, but don’t want to invest in an editor. You want an agent, but you ignore the steps required to be successful in your outreach. Why?

Creative insecurities show up when you don’t show up to learn, to share, to grow.

If you are writing to be a bestselling novelist, you may as well put down your pen. Writing a book is hard work for most of us. Not many earn awards. Learn the craft and write for the love of doing the work. When you put in the effort, it will show.

  • Make time to take classes
  • Join online/community writing groups: share your work to get feedback
  • Listen to podcasts by published authors and industry pros
  • Read books in your genre
  • Read books of every genre

I did everything right.

You may do everything right and still not land an audience or a big movie deal. That doesn’t always mean you’re not good enough. Publishing is a marketing industry as is social media. It you don’t land in the marketing sweet spot (changeable by the hour), you may not gain an audience. What is your goal?

What’s your measure?

Some people think everything they do is great. They think their children’s first poem is genius. Self-promotion is so easy now, that everybody can be a star. What do you want from your writing? What is the standard you measure yourself against?

What is your creative I.D.?

If you know who you are as a writer, then your insecurities will evaporate—most of them. If you’re measuring your success by the number of books sold, you may struggle with your writer I.D. If you measure your success by personal satisfaction, enjoyment, and practice, then congratulate yourself. You are a successful writer!

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