Creative Writing

Creative Insecurities: Am I Good Enough?

creative insecurities blurb.
Creative insecurities. When the work is finished and other eyes are on it, that’s when creative insecurities set in. Am I good enough? Know who you are as a writer to fight against creative insecurities. Please like my work, but don’t look too closely. You’ve written your memoir but haven’t learned how to write in that genre. You can’t wait […]
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Let Change Be Your Brand!

april 4 2021 journal entry.
Sometimes change equals false starts. In 2021 I made the decision to update my website and split writing from art. I also decided to concentrate half my work hours to rebuilding a freelance business. Most of my freelance work evaporated in the pandemic year of 2020. I hired a website designer to help me make the updates to the author, […]
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A Thank You Means So Much.

Thank you letter from reading a group.
Book Club Discussion, Saving the Ghost. Last Saturday I met with a local chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to discuss my novel, Saving the Ghost.  The book was recommended by one of their members who is passionate about helping abused women and children survive into better lives. Although some readers found the book distressing, they were […]
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And into each life, a little rain may fall…

Painting of fairies fighting a black snake.
For those of you familiar with M E Fuller’s Worlds and Words, you’ll notice a dramatic change in look to this page. The original website, (which now points here, to disappeared into the bowels of the former web host company’s server farm and appears to be irretrievable. (Note: if you use an old link and it launches a […]
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