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Case studies build customer confidence.

Testimonials + Case Studies.

You’re eager to get good reviews and testimonials, but many customers don’t take the time to praise or rate your customer service. That’s okay. It’s not their job to market for you. Case studies are a more effective way to demonstrate customer care to prospective clients. They see how you work with others and can be confident that you can help them get what they’re looking for.   

What is a case study?

A case study outlines challenges faced by a customer and how your company service or product overcame the obstacles by partnering for success. An effective case study begins with a customer profile that explains the challenges you are being asked to address. The profile is followed by explaining a step-by-step process to overcome the challenges. This is followed by a brief customer testimonial and quote, attesting to satisfaction and a recommendation to others.

A customer’s experience is golden.

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Reviews and testimonials are great – if they’re good – but what if they’re not? Not every customer experience is going to be great. However, you can demonstrate to prospective clients exactly what they can expect from you by offering them case studies on your website and social media channels.

The case study provides proof of customer care excellence and a little something more. It also provides an opportunity for you to go deeper into product or service areas by adding downloadable articles for website visitors to explore. This is a terrific way for you to stand out from competitors by identifying in depth what makes you unique. Plus, when a visitor clicks that buy or contact button, they are well informed about what you offer which will make the customer experience that much better!

An informed and satisfied customer will recommend you across social platforms, bringing new customers to you. Golden!

How can your business get quality case studies?

As you work with customers, ask if they would be open to sharing their customer experience by documenting the process to publish on your website or other marketing channels. If they agree, the next step is to HIRE A COPYWRITER to interview you and your customer. An interview should last no more than 30 minutes. A first draft is written and submitted to you and your customer for approval.

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How can my business use case studies?

  • Create a Case Study page on your website.
  • Post an abbreviated case study to your Home page with a link to an inside page.
  • Post links to your case studies on your social media channels.
  • Include links to your case studies in newsletters and emails.

Add value to your case studies.

Link your case studies to in-depth articles about specific products or services. Create a library of articles or a website page for links and downloadable resources. Informational videos supporting your articles are also valuable!

Let’s talk about creating case studies for you!

Contact me today to get started on creating valuable case studies for your website and social media channels. I look forward to working with you!

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