And into each life, a little rain may fall…

Painting of fairies fighting a black snake.

For those of you familiar with M E Fuller’s Worlds and Words, you’ll notice a dramatic change in look to this page. The original website, (which now points here, to disappeared into the bowels of the former web host company’s server farm and appears to be irretrievable. (Note: if you use an old link and it launches a Page Not Found, click on the top menu – 2 choices – and you’ll be on the site.)

When things like this happen, things like losing all your writing samples and blog posts compiled over the years, you’ve got choices.

1. You can let the rain fall and be happy you are able to start over.

2. You can become the rain and cry yourself to sleep and into despair.

3. You can give up and not start over.

I chose option 1, to be happy with a restart. Because the alternatives are more exhausting. Making this choice was easy enough. Making sure there was no retrieval possible, well, that was harder.

It happens in life sometimes, that the obstacles drive your story. (That’s called plot points!) I was happy with the previous website, but there was a lot to it and a lot to maintain. When I first opened the new site, I felt relief. I hadn’t realized that the other website was too much. As in any good story, in the end, the protagonist (me) must transform. Done!

Let it rain (another day)!

I’ve had enough change for one week. Looking forward to a time of fewer obstacles and more productivity. If you’ve been following along, you know I’m working on a cozy mystery series, finishing up the first draft of a dark fantasy – I’ve seen the end and it is stupefying – and back to work at the easel. Here is the latest work that illustrates a poem about oil pipeline resistance.

Fairies on a Black Snake. Copyright 2020, M E Fuller

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