A Thank You Means So Much.

Thank you letter from reading a group.

Book Club Discussion, Saving the Ghost.

Last Saturday I met with a local chapter of the American Association of University Women (AAUW) to discuss my novel, Saving the Ghost.  The book was recommended by one of their members who is passionate about helping abused women and children survive into better lives. Although some readers found the book distressing, they were not shy about sharing their thoughts, feelings, and they were eager to ask hard questions.

Thank you note

An Enlightening Experience Leads to Compassion

It was an enlightening experience for both the members and me. I forget, often, that not everyone has experienced trauma in their lives, most especially not childhood trauma. I appreciate readers who will take a deep dive into this book. The topic, how to survive the worst that can happen, is about a woman who is forced to confront childhood abuse and find her way to healing.

After the discussion, I was approached by a woman who told me she had never experienced any trauma in her life. As she read the book and listened to my responses to questions, she said she could envision how she could be more compassionate to others who may be experiencing trigger reactions. She told me she would read the book again and be more mindful of the people around her, understanding their behaviors could be affected by early trauma.

Gratified by the Feedback.

Two other women, both clinical psychologists, commented on how impressed they were with how the book captures the mental state of trauma survivors. As a first-time author, taking on such a hot and sensitive topic, I am gratified by the feedback I received. Saving the Ghost accomplishes the tasks I set for the story. It teaches. It entertains. It changes lives.  

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Lightening the Mood.

Once all the questions were answered and the discussion was done, I could tell I was leaving some readers in a stressful state. Fortunately, I had the first draft, the first chapter of Blood on the Bridal Wreath, a cozy mystery to share with them. Everybody laughed in all the right places. I heard a relieved Thank You from across the room!

It Was an Inspirational Day!

It was a great day and inspired me to keep writing. Which is a good thing, because I had no plans to stop! You can look for an announcement of the release of Book 1 in the Filthy Dirty Garden Gloves series, Blood on the Bridal Wreath, this spring.

Blood on the Bridal Wreath book cover

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