2021. A New Year. A New Way.

Rearview mirror reflection.

Looking Back.

Looking in my rearview mirror, I see 2020 as a year of wildly erratic twists and turns. Often, a curve in the road revealed a scary new something that no one had experienced before. There were no how-to manuals to guide us through personal and professional losses. There was no roadside assistance and the way ahead was obscured by dense mind-fog, hard to penetrate to get even a glimpse of what may be ahead. And yet, we navigated our way through to a new year. Hello, 2021.

We never know what’s coming. We don’t plan to replace the subflooring in our home because we aren’t expecting a flood or a fire. These things do happen, and that’s why we purchase home insurance, so we don’t have to account for everything that can go wrong. We take all the precautionary measures we can in our lives, in our businesses, but we can’t know every potential disruption that may appear. And we can’t live our lives in constant fear of what-if-this or what-if-that. 

Looking Forward.

How do we enter the magic of a new year while still filled to the top with emotional and mental distress? We do it with enthusiasm and hope and we make plans to recover and to thrive. What plans can you make to recover?

Reach out to those who can help meet your needs.

  • Listen to podcasts where people talk to each other – not at each other – to listen to their experiences and ideas about next steps. 
  • Never discount your own troubles but recognize that you are not alone. You are one among many trying to regain a sense of wellbeing.
  • Read new stories about things that happened in 2020. Stories are designed to help us find our way through uncharted territory. Creative writing taps into a writer’s unconscious realm where all things are possible at all times. 
  • Exercise. There is nothing like movement to help you get moving. Yoga anyone? I’ve got a great online instructor for you. Contact Bonnie West for details. Take a walk – your dog will love you for it. Lift some weights. 
  • Eat your vegetables! Eat good foods, avoid sugar and too much caffeine. Consume good fats to help grease up your brain (like oil does in your car’s engine) and get enough protein in your diet: 3 to 4 ounces per meal. 
  • Talk about how you’re feeling to people who are good listeners.
  • Journal your thoughts and ideas about the day and your future. 
  • Breathe deeply.

2021. New Year. New Way.

Creating a road to 2021.

Preparing for the year ahead, for me, begins with making new spreadsheets and making sure that all my receipts and tax information are ready to hand off to the accountant. And then I create a new weekly schedule document. I’m visual, so referring to my calendar online isn’t enough. 

This year I’m adding an exciting new aspect to my work life – a new website! You may recall that before any of the other madness of 2020 happened, my years-long website/blog disappeared into cyberspace. The previous hosting company was unable to restore my site and I had to start all over again. I admit, I was unhappy and approached the process with little interest. But I knew I had to do it because my plan for 2020 was to offer workshops and coaching to writers who needed a boost to get going on their projects. Covid-19 spread halted the momentum of both. Freelance jobs dried up as clients scrambled to save themselves from economic devastation. 

I had to face facts: I didn’t know how to create a website that works well for information and marketing, so my web traffic slowed to around zero. I couldn’t switch to Zoom gatherings if there was no way to attract clients who needed what I offer. I was discouraged, but not for long, because that’s not who I am.

I’m a writer but also a visual artist. I pivoted a lot of energy to a new series of paintings. But again, I was faced with how to get an audience. I consulted with a couple of great marketing people who suggested that I redo my website and focus entirely on writing or art. That felt like a loss – give up one or the other? I couldn’t. And I didn’t. 

2021 will bring two new websites: mefullerwords.com and mefullerart.com. I hired the amazing Rachel Holdgrafer to create the websites and make me SEO friendly so YOU can find me! 

My new way forward is to open the way for you and me to connect, whether you are

  • a business owner who needs website content, copywriting for collateral materials, or quality assurance testing or, 
  • a business or creative writer who needs coaching help to get started and keep going with your writing projects. 
  • a reader interested in my novel, Saving the Ghost, or any of my works in progress and my mentor/mentee process
  • an art lover and/or gallery owner interested in my artwork
Also new for 2021 will be blog entries documenting my process of being mentored by an award-winning, Minnesota fantasy and sci-fi writer, Lyda Morehouse. Look for Mentoring Project tags on this blog.

Let's connect!

Connect with me with your writing & coaching needs. I look forward to working with you in the year ahead. As things open up, be sure to watch for News & Events updates. 


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